Fibro Fashion!

Comfortable and Beautiful Custom Patterns
for Fibromyalgia Sufferers

Tunic Top $27.95 If you suffer from fibromyalgia, you know how hard it is to find clothing that is both attractive and comfortable! Choose this beautiful flowing tunic top pattern, custom made to your size. Three designs included: Straight Hem, Side Angled and Back Draped styles. Pair with churidar leggings and petal pants split skirt pattern for a designer outfil all your own, or the straight leg pattern, both offered below. Handcrafted of sturdy glazed tissue. Shipping $3.50 via first class mail. Measurements submitted via email to
Petals Split Skirt and Churidar Leggings $32.95 Taking a hint from designers in India, these pant styles are shaped for comfort in the hip and crotch. The split skirt pants feature a unique wrap and curved shaping at the ankle to create a graceful reveal of the lower leg as you walk. Churidar leggings are slimming for every body shape and always in style, worn wrinkled above the ankle. When teamed with the tunic top you be beautiful everywhere and still be comfortable. I've been wearing these most every day-and never fail to get a big smile upon entering a shop or passing people on the sidewalk! Shipping $3.50 via first class mail.

Straight Leg Fibro Pants Pattern $19.95 Now Availaibe! Custom size straight leg fibro pants sewing pattern. Ultimate comfort with a choice of drawstring or elastic waist, using softer fabric at the waist and hip. As with the petal pants pattern, these are designed with a hip and crotch made for room and comfort under a tunic length top. Conventional straight leg shaping with instructions to tailor them as narrow leg or with a little bell shaping for flair. Shipping $3.50 via first class mail.

OVERSEAS SHIPPING Regular ordering process includes surface mail shipping to North America. Overseas shipping - outside North America - is an additional $5.00 per order. Avoid delays to overseas addresses!

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