Irish Slumgullion

I grew up savoring this wonderful dish before I learned it is unceremoniously called SOS in military mess halls. Must be a pretty bad version there, because it is much maligned but was always one of my favorite foods-and still is.

Brown 1 lb ground beef, or use shredded cooked roast beef.
Add diced onions and/or sliced mushrooms to pan with meat and cook to translucent, stirring.

Season with salt, garlic and thyme. Add 3 T flour and stir to cover meat. Cook, stirring, until flour browns. Slowly add milk or water, stirring, until liquid boils and sauce is the desired consistency. Serve over mashed potatoes, rice, toast or biscuits. For a quick stroganoff, add sour cream just before serving and serve over pasta. Substitute chicken or turkey for a great a la King, adding diced cooked meat just before serving.

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